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1045 Hilltop Drive
Lawrence, KS 66044
Phone: 785-832-5720
Fax: 785-832-5722

        THERE WILL BE SCHOOL on Friday, April 18th
Friday, April 18th had originally been scheduled as a no school day for Lawrence students but due to the number of snow days used this winter school will be in session.


HAWKS Recognition Announced442014_104116_0.png
On Thursday, April 3rd, we recognized another round of AWESOME HILLCREST HAWKS.  Congratulations to these lucky Hillcrest HAWKS for their excellent behavior!!
KDGN - Baggett–Hannah, Ashley, Joselyn; McAdoo– Fernando, Mahmoud, Jackson; Simmons – Adamary, Eileen, Mary
GRADE 1 –  Barrand–Juan, Onesa, Jake; Hall – Rohan, Itamar, Henry; Preston –Dominic, Samantha, Channing
GRADE 2Brumfield – Citlaly, Zahara, Jude; Lofflin –  Dakoda, Edward, Shawn; Tuel – Anthony, Sage, Hunter
GRADE 3Hanschu – Poncho, Anti, Kimberly; Sisson – Lorenzo, Lydia, Jason; Wilk - Carlos, Nihal, Ciara
GRADE 4Gill – Hassan, Cherianne, Jacob; Parkhurst –Gamal, Linqi, Donna; Seaman – Joel, Jafiya, Abraham
GRADE 5 Johnson Piper, Erika, Dylan; Schuyler— Kameron, Austin, Nethni

Kindergarten Roundup
 Thursday, April 24

Pre-enrollment for new kindergartners at Hillcrest Elementary will take place on Thursday, April 24th.  Children eligible for kindergarten need to be 5 years old on or before August 31.  If you have or know of a student in Hillcrest’s attendance area that is eligible, please call the school at 832-5720.  

Families applying for a transfer to Hillcrest must attend Roundup at their child’s home attendance area.  Families will not be able to attend more than one roundup this year.


Hillcrest Elementary

      Hillcrest is a community working together to provide a challenging,
         meaningful education for all children, in a safe and stimulating
    environment, where diversity is welcomed and learning is celebrated. 

3262012_121326_0.jpg“Where the World Goes to School!”

Sitting atop a hill on 5.3 acres of land, Hillcrest Elementary School, built in 1953, is located in central Lawrence
just west of The University of Kansas. Hillcrest shares its name with its neighborhood. We serve approximately
360 students in grades K-5.  The school offers a full-day kindergarten program.  As a cluster site, Hillcrest
provides English as a Second Language services to English Language Learners. Its international population
includes students from over 30 different countries, many of whom attend while their parents are studying at KU.

No Events Today
At A Glance
    Upcoming Events

Week of April 7 
Kdgn KELPA Testing      one on one
Kansas English Language Proficiency Assessment
April 8         
Hawkathon Club          8:00am
Gr. 3 State Reading test        10:00-11:30
April 9         
Gr. 3 State Reading test        10:00-11:30
Hawkathon Club          2:30pm
April 10                
Gr. 4 State Science test        10:30-11:30
After School tutoring   3:50-4:45pm
April 11                
SPIRIT DAY – Pajama Day
Hawkathon Club          8:00am
Gr. 4 State Science test        10:30-11:30
Week of April 14        
Gr 5 KELPA Testing             11:15-12:15 (M-F)
Gr. 3 KELPA Testing            11:30-12:30 (M-F)
April 14        
After School tutoring   3:50-4:45pm
April 15                
Hawkathon Club          8:00am
April 16                
Hawkathon Club          2:30pm
April 17        
Gr. 1 Field Trip – Discovery Center, Topeka
After School tutoring   3:50-4:45pm
April 18        
Hawkathon Club          8:00am
Relay for Life Lemonade Stand     2:30pm
April 21        
Gr. 4 Field Trip – State Capitol, Topeka
Gr. 3 Theatre Arts Day
After School tutoring   3:50-4:45pm
April 22-25     
Gr. K KELPA Testing           10:45-11:30 (T-F)
April 22        
Hawkathon Club          8:00am
Kdgn Field Trip – Natural History Museum. Lawrence
Blended Learning Parent Night  6:30-7:30pm
April 24                
Kindergarten Roundup    
NO SCHOOL for current kindergartners
April 25        
PTO HAWK Walk – Centennial Park       PM






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